Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago – The Town

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Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago is the ultimate guide to the history of Wootton Bassett and its immediate surroundings during the Great War era. The series comprises three volumes: ‘The Great War’, ‘The Town’, and ‘The Country’, which together form the much extended and improved successor to my 2014 book ‘Wootton Bassett in the Great War’. I have more than doubled the research in the original book – which is why it has had to be split into three!

Volume two is ‘The Town’. Every house and business in the old part of the town has been researched, including the High Street, Sparrow Lane, New Road, Beamans Lane, Cemetery Lane, Station Road, Old Court, Rope Yard, Church Street, Victory Row, The Barton, Wood Street, and Coxstalls. There are many fascinating stories to discover, including the stories of those who served in the Great War, and those who lost their lives. Why not listen to my free 30 minute podcast to get a flavour of what you could find out in this book.

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