Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago – The Country

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Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago includes the area which falls within the present-day town of Wootton Bassett, but was rural farmland one hundred years ago: Coped Hall, Stoneover Lane, Longleaze, Woodshaw, Noremarsh, Dunnington, Bath Road, Crossways, and Whitehill Download two worlds 2 for free. Every house, farm and business has been researched.

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  1. Regarding Wootton Bassett – The Country p71 Carringtons Farm, Whitehill Lane – Lewis. This says that Frank Lewis became licensee of The Wheatsheaf. This came to him from his wife Mabel who was granddaughter of Sarah Purse whose name the pub now carries. She was the youngest daughter of Matilda Smith (nee Purse) who carried on the business from her mother. Mabel’s marriage was not a happy one and while she was still at The Wheatsheaf she became the mistress of “Lord Ted”- Edward Hiscocks, the illegitimate son of the person who became Lady Bolingbroke, and was the bailiff of the Bolingbroke Estate, and bore him a daughter. The eldest of Matilda Smiths family was Minnie Louisa, my grandmother. Another sister of Minnie and Mabel was Fanny who married George Pegler, licensee of “The Sun” in Lydiard

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