Winifred Annie Mary Farmer

Winifred Annie Mary Farmer

Scanning my family photos, I’ve found lots of photographs of my parents’ friends herunterladen. Sadly they rarely gave full names in the captions. (There’s a lesson here for family historians).

One friend, Winifred Farmer (also known as Win and Winnie), proved particularly difficult to identify until I assembled all the clues in my mother and father’s letters in 1945 office programme kostenlos downloaden. Finally there was a superb clincher. Win’s birthday was the same as my grandmother’s, and she was 21 in 1945. Mum also mentioned that Win’s home was in Southsea, near Portsmouth download application template word.

Winifred Farmer was born on 18th October 1924. She joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) in or before 1942, as we have photos of her in uniform that year ipod for free music. Mum gives Win’s forces address in 1945 as: W/246271 Pte. W. Farmer, Spider 1/4, ‘B’ Coy, A.T.S. Camp, Didcot, Berkshire.

I think Winnie lost touch with my parents after they both married vector files. I believe she married Kenneth Gauntlett, and was living in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in 2015. A newspaper article about V.E. Day confirms that this Winifred was in the ATS herunterladen.

I have several photos of Win and some stories about her, and I would love to share these with her family. I am currently trying to make contact with her descendants and close relatives microsoft store wil niet download. Can you help?

Here Win is enjoying a thrilling ride at Chessington Zoo on a trip with the Eagle Cycling and Social Club in 1942.

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