What Is A Concession Agreement

The occurrence of a case of force majeure may result in the extension of the duration of the concession or the extension of the construction period after the occurrence of the force majeure event. See CRP-CD-81 (attached), Annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements, for excerpts from the BWI Agreement on Parking Management Services, which provides a detailed analysis of the management responsibilities to be fulfilled. 2.6.2 Revenue Control Procedure Parking vehicles at an airport generates significant revenues. In many cases, it generates the highest amount of non-air revenue for the airport sponsor. A sponsor must have detailed revenue streams to ensure that this income is maximized. Sales control is ensured by monitoring several important elements of the contract. These include parking tickets for which there is no billing, an inventory of missed or lost tickets, and a parking manager`s requirement to use a computerized parking management system. See CRP-CD-81 (attached), annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements, for excerpts from the CMH Agreement on Parking Management Services, which contains a detailed analysis of revenue control procedures. 2.6.3 Additional Services Airports have expanded their parking operations to increase revenues and protect their market share from competition from operators of parking facilities outside the airport. These services typically include all self-parking operations and, more recently, parking regulations. See CRP-CD-81 (attached), annex to Chapter 2, Concession Contracts, for excerpts from the OAK Parking Management Services Agreement, which contains a detailed description of valet parking services.

2.7 Car rental Additional questions for car rental dealerships ⢠Location of the establishment ⢠Definition of gross income ⢠Definition and calculation of mag ⢠Definition of transaction days ⢠Acceptance of credit cards ⢠Double brand privileges ⢠Requirements DBE ⢠Valet, pick-up, drop-off restrictions ⢠Vehicle sales ⢠Passing on concession fees ⢠Room rental ⢠Consolidated facilities ⢠Calculation of CFCs and Customer presentation ⢠Shuttle operation ⢠Employees pa rking ⢠Performance safety • Underground storage tanks • Environmental protection Concession contracts 25 During the concession period, the port authority often assumes a dual role. . . .