What happened to Creating Keepsakes?

When I started looking into scrapbooking my family history I kept coming across Creating Keepsakes. This exciting magazine offered a wide range of design ideas and tips. It was always bursting with inspirational layouts, some created by the editorial staff and professional scrappers, and others sourced from real life reader submissions.

Creating Keepsakes Back Issues (a selection for sale on eBay)

What happened to the CK magazine?

Creating Keepsakes published their last magazine in November/December 2013. They blamed the closure on the global shift to digital publishing. In a design led niche, it’s hard to keep print magazines vibrant and up to date, especially where there is a long lead time from concept to distribution. Apparently the initial plan was to merge Creating Keepsakes with Paper Crafts magazine as an all-digital publication called Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking. Sadly this too soon closed.

CK back issues

If you’d like to get hold of old print copies of the Creating Keepsakes magazines you can find many individual back issues and bundles for sale on eBay, Etsy and other outlets. I did get excited when I saw that there was a ‘past issues’ section on the Creating Keepsakes website, but this section of the website proved to be a nightmare, with awkward navigation, no search facility, and small thumbnails.

With a bit more digging I found a much better place to source back issues of Creating Keepsakes. They have uploaded free sneak peaks of 37 magazines on Issuu, which are beautifully presented and easy to read. You can also see 26 Papercrafts and Scrapbooking Magazine issues on Issuu.

Creating Keepsakes bookshelf on Issuu

What’s CK’s website like now?

I trawled through the Creating Keepsakes website today to find out what it still has to offer. Here’s what I found out. The website is esentially a pre-2013 archive. It is dated and dormant. There are quite a few broken links and the navigation is terrible. You see something interesting and have to click four more links through subcategories to get to the article. And then it turns out it wasn’t that interesting anyway, and you have to click back four times to get to where you were. That’s not what we have grown to expect in this internet age.

Creating Keepsakes website, screenshot captured 13th Feb 2020

What about the Tips and Tricks pages?

I admit there are a few good articles here, if you can cope with the terrible navigation. However, very few of the articles embrace digital scrapbooking (other than scanning memorabilia), the tech is out of date, and all the articles I looked at were simply reprints of what was published in the magazines. There are more visually accessible and up-to-date ways to access this information.

Book list on the CK website

Yes, there’s a book list on the old Creating Keepsakes website, but it’s not worth visiting. I thought the list would be useful, but it only contains these five books:

  • The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker
  • Preserving Their Stories
  • 52 More Scrapbooking Challenges
  • Get Creative With Type by Brian Tippetts
  • Month by Month Scrapbooking by Amanda Probst

None of the other Creating Keepsakes books and ‘bookazines’ I have seen on eBay and Amazon are on the list. Here are two of the brilliant books published by Creating Keepsakes, both of which are especially relevant to family history scrapbooking (and both of which I have purchased!)

(These are affiliate links which might make me a few pennies but don’t change your shopping experience or the price you pay).

Books published by Creating Keepsakes (for links to Amazon see above)

CK Events are on a separate website

A link in the menu on the Creating Keepsakes website takes you to a dedicated Creating Keepsakes Events website.

Creating Keepsakes Events website, screenshot captured 13th Feb 2020

I got pretty excited about this, until I discovered that all the events are Creating Keepsakes or Great American Scrapbook Conventions events in America. I was hoping for something a bit more comprehensive and international… but I do admit that they look fabulous. Maybe one day I will plan a combined road trip to a genealogy conference and a scrapbooking convention!

Is CK still on social media?

Happily the Creating Keepsakes Facebook account is still very active and busy promoting their Events. However, the last post on their Twitter account was in 2014, and the last post on their Twitter Events account was in 2016. Blog links on the internet redirect to their Events site. Saddest of all is the fact that their Pinterest account is dormant. It’s still there, featuring over 1600 inspiring pins, but nothing new is being added to it.


I hope that my exploration of what became of Creating Keepsakes has been interesting, and that it will point you in some new and worthwhile directions (it has certainly done that for me!) Personally, I won’t be revisiting the Creating Keepsakes website again. The resources available there are very limited, and far outstripped by what you can find elsewhere, particularly if you’re interested in digital scrapbooking. I’m really not sure why they have left it as it is, as it doesn’t do them any favours. But maybe I’ll catch up with you at a Creating Keepsakes Convention one day!

Becky Higgins was Creative Editor for Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine for 12 years before starting her own company in 2009. Becky produced this video tribute to Creating Keepsakes in 18 Aug 2015.

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