Week 7, June 2020

I delayed this post because we had such a busy weekend in the garden! I noticed some neighbours who live opposite had put a stack of flowerpots outside, free to take away. As I was collecting them the neighbour came out and jokingly said, “You don’t want a greenhouse too, do you?” Of course I was thrilled elster 2014 herunterladen! I pooped round to their back gate to take a look (we’re still social distancing during the cornavuirus lockdown, but visiting private gardens has just been permitted). The greenhouse turned out to be a tad smaller than I was hoping for, and several panes of glass were missing, but it was still perfect to get me started kindle unlimited hörbücher herunterladen. After all, it’s wise not to be over ambitious. I haven’t had a greenhouse since I was a child in the 1960s, so it will be quite a commitment and a learning curve. The next challenge was to dismantle the greenhouse and get it into our garden. While we were puzzling how to get the greenhouse into our back garden, which has no back gate, another neighbour came outside and suggested that we could take it up over our flat roofed garage arcgis proen. Perfect! But we were still a bit worried about how heavy it would be.

Moving the grrenhouse frame over the garage roof.

Thankfully once the glass was out it seemed to be quite quite manageable. My husband Mike and my youngest son, who is six foot five, managed to lift it right over the neighbour’s back hedge and fence, and across the road to our house gadgets for windows 7 for free. My son’s extra height and strength was very useful – I could never have done it myself. Next my son climbed onto the garage roof, and Mike and I hoisted the greenhouse up to him. I rushed through the house to the back garden with a ladder while they man-handled it to the back of the garage. Then Mike and I hoisted it back down sonic spiele gratis herunterladen. Hooray!

The greenhouse frame looked like new after a good scrubbing and hosing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the frame and the glass panes thoroughly, until it looked like new. This is not the final position, so we have not replaced the panes yet abba noten for free.

The greenhouse in its temporary position.

We have had an ongoing concern about how to remove the huge pile of clay laden soil which we have extracted to create our future shed base herunterladen. The recycling tips are now open again after the worst of the coronavirus lockdown. It was going to take quite a few car loads to clear all the soil, so I really didn’t fancy the wear and tear on me, or the car, and the queues are pretty dire, so each trip would take several hours. We decided to book a skip instead. Thankfully, the skip arrived on Monday. We got stuck in, and here we are on Tuesday with the job nearly done. I’ll post pictures next week when it’s complete 7 zip for free.

There is still no sign of the raised bed boards or the compost, and my temporary cardboard beds have been starting to disintegrate, so yesterday I decided to pot on my dwarf beans and courgettes.

Courgettes in their disintegrated box

I had plenty of pots for the job, because of all the second hand plant pots I’d acquired from my neighbours opposite in standby. The plants seem to have survived another move, thank goodness. I have enough pots left to pot on my tomato seedlings and cabbage seedlings soon.

Tumbling Tom tomato seedlings

I’m enjoying eating home grown cress in my salads this week. I think the variety I grew (curled) is a little less flavoursome than some I’ve tasted, and the leaves are quite small. I’m planning to try the other varieties, Common and Greek, to see how they compare download ac dc.

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