Union Facility Time Agreements

The University of York recognises the following trade unions with regard to collective bargaining and the legal right to exemption for trade union tasks and activities: the University of York recognises that free time must be flexible to ensure that recognised trade unions are able to guarantee effective representation and communication with all workers. These include, for example, full-time workers, part-time workers and shiftworkers (no exhaustive list). Approved trade unions agree, to ensure that exemption agreements function satisfactorily, that they be published: publication of the use over time of working time facilities submitted by organisations in accordance with the 2017 Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) regulations. Both the University of York and recognized unions accept the need to take into account the wide range of company requirements when agreeing on leisure rules. All public sector organizations that employ more than 49 full-time employees must provide data on the use of installation time in their organization. The reference period is from April 1 to March 31, subject to submission until July 31. Guidelines for the temporary publication service of the trade union facility The duration and frequency of the exemption should be reasonable in all circumstances. This agreement is not mandatory and aims to strengthen partnership work through mutual understanding and flexibility with regard to appropriate leisure. The establishment`s working time is paid free time during working hours for trade union representatives to perform trade union tasks.