Twiggli Release Day 2019

It’s an exciting day today – the ‘soft’ release of our new website has finally arrived! We have just taken the password protection off the website and enabled the big wide world to try Twiggli out for the first time. Yes, that’s you! We will be keeping a very close eye on things, with two particular issues in mind:

  • Will the site perform ok with multiple users working on it?
  • Will there be any unexpected errors?

Because we know there may be a few glitches in the system, watermarked drafts are currently free. Please check your watermarked trees *extra carefully* before you purchase a print ready version. Watermarked trees will cost Β£1.00 when we’re more sure that we’ve ironed out any wrinkles.

We’re really sorry if something goes amiss while you’re using the site! Although we’ve tried to deal with every type of GEDCOM, every possible user action, and every potential network issue, there’s bound to be something we haven’t anticipated. We’d really appreciate your help with this. Please let us know via social media, or email us via, and we’ll try to fix the problem. Our goal is to have everything running smoothly by the time we attend Family Tree Live at Alexandra Palace.

We hope you enjoy using Twiggli as much as we do!

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