I am most definitely a taphophile – I love exploring graveyards and reading inscriptions. At the Family Tree Live show at Alexandra Palace this weekend I was hearing how some Twiggli users like to put images of their ancestors’ gravestones into their family tree when they have no portrait for that person. This can look especially effective if you use one of our graveyard avatar sets, like the one in this example, where I have given each of my ancestors a gravestone marked with the first letter of their first name.

I really fancy doing this for my own tree, so I have decided to set myself a #GraveyardChallenge this year as an adjunct to my #62Ancestors blog. I’ve taken out a Deceased Online subscription to help me to fill in some of the gaps, and I’m really enjoying it (although it’s a shame that there are some records you have to pay for on top of your subscription). I’m logging burials I find on a separate page of this blog. Once I’ve found out all the burial locations, I can do some cemetery visits to see what other relations are buried nearby, pay my respects, and take photos.