The Eagle Cycling and Social Club, Charlton

Fred, Tom, Kitty, Ken, Jim, Pete, Frank, Derek, Margaret Whitehead – Brasted Cudham about 1942

My parents were members of the Eagle Cycling and Social Club, Church Lane, Charlton, before they were married. The club was started in about 1942 by Tom Brown, an enterprising young rent collector at Victor H Hindwood estate agents. It continued to run throughout WW2. Not only do I have photos of their cycle rides, but there are also some photos of trips they made, to the Thames (probably near Richmond), Chessington Zoo, and a National Cycling Union rally. It is lovely to see how much fun these young people were able to have when they could escape from the horrific bombing in London during the war. Most of them were apprentices or in reserved occupations, but a few did serve in the forces during the war. One of these was Stanley Boxall. Can you recognise anyone here? I’d like to complete the names and add birth and death dates so that I can trace descendants.

Known members:

  • Tom Brown, founder
  • John George Green, my father, lived in Charlton
  • Margaret Helen Green, my mother, lived in Greenwich
  • Edward Sydney (Ted) Poole of Aldeburgh Street, Greenwich
  • Irene Miriam Taylor (Rene), became Ted’s wife)
  • Winifred Farmer
  • Stanley Boxall
  • Frank Thomas
  • Fred
  • Kitty
  • Ken
  • Jack
  • Jim
  • Pete, perhaps Peter Hearn who served in the forces and was ‘out at sea’ in 1945.
  • Derek
  • Les, joined the Navy
  • Len, joined the Navy
  • Bill Colman and his wife/girlfriend Phyllis
  • Chris Doyle
  • Doris
  • Dot
  • Marion
  • Bunny
  • Ritchie
  • Maurice Davies, joined the Army
  • Don Threadgold
  • Wally (probably Peter Holmes)
  • Eric Dobson, who lived in Kemsing Road, in Greenwich
  • Eric Tull
  • Bob Hollis, possibly lived at a greengrocers near to the top of Blackwall Lane and opposite St Alphege’s Hospital – perhaps the same Bib who joined the RAF.
  • Sammy

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