St Abbs Visitor List, 23rd July 1897

The local Berwick Advertiser started printing visitor lists for St Abbs in 1897 herunterladen. They give an idea of how quickly Andrew Usher’s investment/benefaction after his purchase of the Northfield estate began to change the complexion of the village subway surfer kostenlos spielen ohne download. The first list on 23rd July 1897 included:

The Schoolhouse – host Mrs Gibson – guests Miss Morton and Master J Morton from Govan, and the Misses Gibson from Closeburn certificate of a page.

Penrhyl Villa – host Mrs Darrie – guests Mrs Wells and party from Pollockshiels, Miss McBride from Glasgow.

10 Briery Law – host Mr Hugh Aitchison – guests Mr and Mrs Laidlaw, family and maids from Hillside, Duns download avg for free.

8 Briery Law – host Mrs D Cormack – guests Rev Archibald Russell, Mrs Russell, family and maids from Glasgow.

Sea View – host Miss Cowe – guests Mrs J Logan Mack and family from Edinburgh program movies.

6 Sea View – host Mrs Joseph Cowe – guests Miss Thomson from Edinburgh and Miss Bruce from Glasgow.

5 Briery Law – host Mrs R Wilson – guests Mrs Smalley from New Zealand, Mr J J Donald from Edinburgh, Miss M Donald, Master Alan Donald, and Miss Rodgers and maid from Manchester.

4 Briery Law – host Mrs T Wilson – guests Mr and Mrs Dick and family from Edinburgh.

3 Briery Law – host Mrs R Aitchison – guests Mr and Miss Bathgate from Edinburgh, Miss Harvey and Miss Robertson from Stirling.

2 Briery Law – host Mrs T Wilson – guests the Misses Glendinning from Edinburgh.

1 Briery Law – host Mrs T Wilson – guests Mrs Ayton and family, Miss G H Ogg from Edinburgh, and Miss Ogg from London.

Seafield – host Miss Katie Rae – guests Mr and Miss Lyon and Mr Lyon from Edinburgh.

Bay View – host Miss J Wilson – guests Mrs Young and family from Earlston and Miss Mair from Edinburgh.

Albion Villa – host Mrs George Wilson – guests Mr and Mrs Dunn and family from Earlston, and Miss Scott and Mr Readman from Earlston.

2 Murrayfield – host Mr James Wilson – guests Miss Fockhart from Stirling, and Mr R Tweedie from Galashiels.

2 Sea View Terrace – host Mrs James Nisbet – guests Mr and Mrs Gibson, family and maid from Newcastle.

4 Sea View Terrace – host Mrs W Dickson – guests Mr and Mrs Grosset and family, and Mr Ramsay, from Glasgow.

Sea View Terrace – host Mrs James Rae – guest Miss Glendinning from Edinburgh.

6 Sea View Terrace – host Miss Craig – guest Miss Rodgers from Springburn, Glasgow.

12 Sea View Terrace – host Mrs Peter Colven – guests Mr and Mrs Smith and family from Edinburgh.

Rock House – host Mrs Cormack – guests Mr and Mrs Thomson and Miss Graham from Glasgow, and Mr and Mrs Haggarty and Miss Pairman.

Harbour Terrace – host Mr Alexander Wilson – guests Mr and Mrs Baird and family from Edinburgh.

Northfield House was occupied by the owner of the Northfield estate – Andrew Usher, Mrs Usher, Miss Usher, Miss Hill and maids, from Blackford Park, Edinburgh.

Castle Rock Villa was occupied by Mrs Wood, the Misses Wood and maids, from Edinburgh.

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