St Abbs List of Lifeboats

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Helen Smitton, 1911 to 1936

38ft Watson Class, Operational Number 603

Annie Ronald and Isabella Forrest, 1936 to 1949

Liverpool Class single engine, Operational Number 792 Came to St Abbs in 1936, funded by the legacies of Miss Annie Ronald of Paisley, and Mrs Isabella Forrest of Glasgow. After serving in St Abbs she became a relief lifeboat.

J B Couper of Glasgow, 1949 to 1953

Liverpool Class twin engine Operational Number 872. The J B Couper was sent to St Abbs in October 1949. She was funded by the legacy of Mr James B Couper DL, JP, of Toward, Argyllshire. She was officially launched in July 1953.

W Ross MacArthur of Glasgow, 1953 to 1964

Liverpool Class twin engine Operational Number 906. The W Ross MacArthur was sent to St Abbs in February 1953. She was funded by the legacy of William Ross MacArthur of Glasgow.

The Howard D Lifeboat (relief boat), 1960 to 1963

The Howard D, Official Number 797, was the first motorised lifeboat to be stationed at St Helier. She arrived there in 1936. After her service there she became a relief lifeboat in 1948. She was sold out of the service, was renamed the Spero II, and was used as a fishing boat on the coast of Norfolk. She has now returned to St Helier and is undergoing restoration.

Jane Hay – 1964 to 1974

Unnamed, 1974 to 1975

D-class (RFD PB16), Operational Number D-110

Unnamed 1976–1978

D-class (Zodiac III) Operational Number D-235

Unnamed, 1979–1986

C-class, Operational Number C-?

Dorothy and Katherine Barr, 1986–2001

Atlantic 21-class Operational Number B-572

Institute of London Underwriters, 2001–2002

21-class Operational Number B-579

Burton Brewer, 2002–2002

Atlantic 21-class Operational Number B-568

Dorothy and Katherine Barr II, 2002–2015

Dorothy Katharine Barr II (Operational Number B783) was launched on 2nd October 2002 and named at a ceremony on 5th October 2002. She was funded by the Barr Charitable Trust, a fundraising group set up by the Barr drinks company. She was an Atlantic 75 Class Official Number B-783. At the ceremony the Barr family were represented by Robert Barr, who handed over the boat to the RNLI, and Julie Barr, who named the lifeboat.

The Boys Brigade, 2015

Atlantic 75-class Operational Number B-770

Thomas Tunnock, 2016 – present


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