Scrapbooking Remembrance in England

When scrapbooking your English WW1 or WW2 ancestors, I have found it quite difficult to source appropriate digital graphics. I have tried many search terms including war, military, poppy, poppies, remembrance, memorial, patriotic, and patriotism. Whatever I search, the results is generally comprise contemporary military service collections for the United States, patriotic collections for the United States with lots of stars and stripes, and collections for the 4th of July celebrations. This must be equally difficult for scrappers in other non-US countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

As you build your collection you will be able to combine elements from different designers to get the effect you want. Here are two layouts I created using a variety of elements from my own collection.

Having spent many hours trawling through scrapbooking resources looking for more remembrance scrapbooking collections, I have compiled a list below. All of these suggestions are suitable for remembrance. Please do add your suggestions in the comments.

One of my favourites is the delightful Wildflower Collection from Ilonka’s Designs. The colours are muted reds and soft greens which are perfect to represent English countryside, particularly in a remembrance context.

Wildflower Collection from Ilonka’s Designs

Another favourite is Poppy Dreams the Collection from LDragDesigns. This is great for more patriotic designs as it is in classic red teamed with gentle powdery blues, and contains several useful embellishments, including a few poppy elements for remembrance.

Poppy Dreams the Collection from LDragDesigns

The Splash of Red Collection by Aimee Harrison contains some lovely classic red poppies and the contrast colours are soft caramel browns and powdery teals which are muted and suitable for heritage and remembrance work.

Splash of Red Collection by Aimee Harrison

The Poppy Fields Kit by Scraps n Pieces is a possibility, but don’t be fooled by the name, as this kit is nothing to do with fields! The contrast colour here is grey, which may suit your style. I was pleased to spot a white poppy in this collection, as this is sometimes used as a symbol of peace.

Poppy Fields Kit by Scraps n Pieces

The So Fanciful Collection by Aimee Harrison is a pretty deep pink, purple and ice green theme but somehow speaks of patriotism. It includes a good range of grungy heritage backgrounds, some lovely bare winter trees, and a few poppies for remembrance.

So Fanciful Collection by Aimee Harrison

A bold choice would be the Poppy Lane Collection by Aimee Harrison. I don’t find that this collection feels like England, and I am not so keen on the colours for heritage or remembrance as the poppies are rather orange-red, and the contrast colour is a vivid bright turquoise, but it may suit you.

Poppy Lane Collection by Aimee Harrison

The We Remember Kit from Key Lime is a vivid orangey-red, mustard and black kit, with some classic poppies and some pleasing heritage style backgrounds, but no other remembrance elements.

We Remember Kit from Key Lime

Please note that I am not associated with any of the suppliers or designers on this page.

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