PEEL Paragraphs

When I started looking into the nitty gritty of Paper 1, almost immediately I came across the expression PEEL Paragraph. What on earth is that?

A PEEL Paragraph is a recipe you can use to structure your writing. It can be applied to both single paragraphs and entire essays. For GCSE English Language we only need to worry about paragraphs.

A PEEL paragraph tells you exactly which four sentences you need to include in every paragraph in your exam:

  • Point – present your argument with a topic or fact.
  • Example – support your point by listing one or two pieces of evidence or examples from the text.
  • Explanation – explain how the example(s) you chose support your point.
  • Link – connect back to the point you made first.

As a rule of thumb, each complete PEEL paragraph will get you four points in your GCSE English exam. Basically that’s one point per sentence.

What a lovely easy way to add to your grade one mark at a time!

The cool thing for my son’s autistic brain is that he’s not having to come up with anything original. He just needs to look at the text and pick out the right bits to put into these four sentences.

My son’s school has taught him about PEEL Paragraphs and he already knows that they include a Point and Example, but when I asked him about it, he couldn’t remember the rest. More worryingly, he said “I don’t really use them, I just do my own thing”. He certainly had no idea how they related to marks and grades.

I am really hoping that I can change his mindset, so he knows that PEEL Paragraphs are a magic formula which he can use to get more marks.


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