Nunhead Cemetery

Relatives buried at Nunhead Cemetery

Three members of my family are buried here:

My maternal grandparents are buried together in a consecrated grave, plot 42624, square 54, in Nunhead Cemetery elsterformular 2020 herunterladen. Annie Whitehead, nee Sear, my grandmother, was buried there on 26th June 1950, long before I was born herunterladen. Although he remarried, Henry Whitehead, my grandfather, was buried with Annie on 28th October 1961, when I was five months old.

My uncle Craftsman Arthur Henry Whitehead (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) was buried in a consecrated grave, plot 41795, square 54, on 19th September 1946 download deutschrap. The grave was recorded by the CWGC as a marble book and kerb, to be maintained by relatives. He was also remembered on the CWGC screen wall, panel 28.

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