James Whitehead #12

St Mary’s, North Aston

My great grandfather James Whitehead was born on 7th April 1856 in North Aston, Oxfordshire problems met download ios 12. He was the son of Philip Whitehead, an agricultural labourer, and Hannah.

James lived in North Aston his whole life. He was working as an agricultural labourer by the time he was 14 years old, and he carried on working as a carter and agricultural labourer throughout his life little drummer boy noten for free.

James married Elizabeth Ann Stockford in in 1878. The last banns were read in North Aston on 28th July 1878, so the ceremony must have taken place during the following week convert2mp3.net von youtube musik herunterladen funktioniert nicht.

My mother remembered:

Grandpi always wore corduroy trousers, a neckerchief, and clogs, and he smoked a clay pipe garmin connect appen. Apart from their golden wedding, which I remember very little about, I felt that I hardly knew him or he us. James and Elizabeth had eight sons and three daughters, which was a much larger family than my mother’s, and they lived in a tiny thatched cottage herunterladen.

Greenwich Girl, the autobiography of Margaret Whitehead

James was widowed in 1931. In the 1939 Register he was listed as a general labourer. He was 83 years old.

James died in January or February 1941. He was buried on 4th February 1941 at St Mary’s, North Aston.

Unfortunately we have no photographs of James Whitehead and only two of life in the village, including the one below.

My grandmother Annie Whitehead (nee Sear) with her children Arthur and Margaret (my mother). This photograph was probably taken in North Aston.

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