Glascote Casualties of WW1

St George’s Church, Bamford Street, Glascote

Click on each man’s name to read more about him (where available).

Sixty-one men are remembered on the WW1 Memorial Tablet in St George’s Church, Bamford Street, Glascote.

Private William Arnold Adie

CSM Alfred Allbrighton, Military Medal

John Allen

Joseph Baker

Joshua Bailey

Albert Edward Ball

Wheeler Arthur Baxter

Arthur Beale

Oliver Bealey

Carpenter’s Crew George Brain

Oliver John Brain

Thomas Chetwynd

Samuel Chadwick

Herbert Chiles

Jesse Compton

Thomas Cotton

Charles Cooper

Fred Dimbleby

William Dimbleby

Ernest Downs

Acting Leading Seaman Wilfred Dyke

Tom Edney

Ernest Forster

William Fowler

Thomas Finney

Charles Edward Garrison

Thomas Goodwin

Albert Hatton

Thomas Harper

William Haywood

George Thomas Hawkins

George William Hughes

Frederick James Hunter

Sidney Hunt

Walter Hunt

William Ingram

Frank Keen

Albert Thomas Lacey

Arthur Ainsworth Lacey

Frank Lees

Frederick Martin

Robert Neville MC & BAR

John Orme

William Parnell

Maurice Berkeley Peel

James Prichard

Edmund Revely

Joseph Sanders

Herbert Sharpe

Henry James Skudder

Thomas Henry Smith

Albert William Smith

Frank Startin

Wellington Thompson

Fred Walker (or Walken)

William Henry Ward

John Ward

Joseph William Watson

John Henry White

William Willis

Lance-Corporal Enoch Wright

Glascote Methodist Church

Eight of the above men are also remembered on the Glascote War Memorial in the Methodist Church.

Alfred Allbrighton

Joshua Balley

Arthur Baxter

Arthur Beale

Oliver Bealey

Herbert Chiles

Joseph Sanders

Herbert Sharp

One man is remembered in the Methodist Church, but not on St George’s tablet

Horace Windridge


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