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I am currently home schooling my son, who has a diagnosis of atypical autism. I’ve been for looking for help with getting my son through his English Language GCSE for the last four years. My son’s diagnosis of mild autism is almost entirely on the communication side of things. For avoidance of doubt I am very proud of him, and everything that he has achieved the escapists kostenlos downloaden. He is great at some things, in particular he is top of his class in maths, and a very good musician. However, he has fallen behind in English and in year 10 at the age of 14 he is only at about Level 1.

I have found that online there are many questions from parents about how to help their autistic children with GCSE English, but not many answers youtube mp3. I really hope that recording my experience with my son helps other parents and teachers and goes a short way to filling this gap.

The Coronavirus pandemic has given me the unexpected opportunity to explore the English GCSE curriculum in detail and share my findings. I recognise that every case is different, and that your child may have completely different issues to mine. However, there are two areas which we all have in common, trying to work out why our children find English GCSE so difficult, and what to do about it financial manager 2020.

A New Beginning

Coronavirus has given me the opportunity to work with my son at home, at his level, and at his speed, without any classroom distractions and pressures. I am hoping beyond hope that this gives him a better chance of picking up speed and passing GCSE English first time next year.

We’d barely started doing English Language at home when my son reached melting point and I reached boiling point oracle sql herunterladen. I decided a new approach to Home Ed English was called for so I could engender some enthusiasm. I was going to say ‘get his enthusiasm back’, but frankly he has never been enthusiastic about English since he stopped reading Tom Gates books about four years ago.

I’ll be looking at the syllabus, the exam papers, and the essential content, so we can focus all our attention on passing the GCSE English Language Exam herunterladen.

Our specific challenges

We decided to start our journey by identifying the problems impeding my son’s progress. We began by checking my son’s vocabulary, as we have recently ruled out dyslexia. We used a free website called Test Your Vocab. I found this test fascinating icloud rechnung downloaden. The results compare your score relative to thousands of others who have taken the same test. You can see where your vocabulary fits in with other age groups. I discovered that my son’s vocabulary is approximately that of a nine year old – much more restricted than I first thought. He has some unexpected word gaps, for example I was surprised to find that he didn’t know the word ‘former’ download microsoft powerpoint for free.

In order to prevent him from hitting roadblocks due to lack of understanding, he will need a lot more exposure to words and their possible meanings. I’ll be looking at some apps, resources, and books to try to develop his vocabulary later.

The other issues which my son faces seem to boil down to the following:

  • He has difficulties in sustaining thought – the actual process of thinking is easily interrupted and distracted fortnite download ps4. This makes complex multi-layered processes and analysis extremely difficult.
  • He has difficulties with talking or writing about feelings, whether that’s the feelings which the author is trying to evoke, or the feelings he himself is experiencing. As our home schooling progresses I hope to work out which emotions my son feels, so that I can play to his strengths rather than forcing him to write about something he does not experience or cannot express download aab secure app. I am aware that I will have to teach my son to process feelings intellectually (I tend to do this myself, to an extent).
  • He has difficulty putting pen to paper, even when there are clear prompts, examples and instructions. He allows himself to be distracted, lethargic or catatonic, rather than getting down to writing (using a computer helps this a little).
  • His maturity levels, including emotional maturity, are low Download dokkan battle. He cannot easily relate to adult themes and concepts, adult emotions, or adult humour.
  • He does not read for pleasure. I’m not sure why this is, as he is perfectly capable of reading, but I think it might be because he does not have any emotional response to what he is reading, so he is not inspired to read.
  • Producing English work tires him quickly, and uses up his mental resources rapidly.
  • When challenged to produce work that he finds difficult or impossible, he easily melts down, and progress ceases completely.

A bit about me

Before I continue I should mention that although I do not have a diagnosis of autism, I believe that I am somewhere on the spectrum. I was high functioning as a young child, with an IQ which put me two years ahead of my age group at school. My mother enrolled me in a group for high IQ children called Explorer’s Unlimited. My performance fell back significantly during secondary school, but I still managed to get three A levels and nine O Levels, including A grades in English Language and Englsh Literature. I went on to university, where I attained an Honours degree in Social Psychology. In recent years I have achieved a PgDip in Local and Family History.


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