Family History Scrapbooking

When I developed Twiggli as a way to display family trees, it immediately inspired me to look for more ideas for sharing my genealogical research. Some of these are featured here on this website, but I have also been collecting lots of fantastic examples of family trees on my Pinterest account. After a while I found myself pinning a lot of family history scrapbook pages.

Scrapbooking is a highly visual way of remembering an ancestor, or celebrating a themed aspect of family history. They can include all kinds of ephemera, photographs and memorabilia, and they can incoporate varying amounts of text. There is literally no end to the variety of pages you can create! I soon decided to start scrapbooking my own photographs.

My Christmas 2019 treat to myself was to buy a pile of books about scrapbooking heritage photographs and family history to give me a better grounding in this creative hobby. Most of the books I ordered are out of print, and they were remarkably cheap! Unfortunately several of them are so old that they are full of out of date information. For example, there are frequent mentions of photocopying rather than scanning, and no mention of digital scrapbooking at all!

However out of date my books may be, my scrapbooking library still gives me a wide range of concepts, themes, page layouts, and designs to consider and play with. I know I will be able to browse through their pages whenever I’m short of inspiration.

My growing collection of scrapbooking books
A few titles from my collection of books about heritage scrapbooking.

These books have also helped me to consolidate what I believe is important to a modern family history scrapbooker, that is, keeping your research well organised, incorporating solid evidence and genealogical proofs, keeping in mind what will interest and excite future readers, ensuring that your presentation will not leave them confused (or indeed misinformed), and sticking to well established archival preservation principles.

I’ll be sharing more scrapbooking posts and layouts as time goes on. Watch this space!

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