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The new improved edition of my popular Family History Record Book is now available on Amazon.

I have paid attention to all the comments I have received, both positive and negative, whilst preparing the new edition, so I hope you’ll find it even better than before we are the world kostenlos downloaden!

This book is exactly what I needed to get my family history organised. I had bits on paper, bits in note books, bits online. This has really helped me to see what I know, and importantly what I dont know and what I’m missing. Really recommend this book to help you get organised download music album for free.

Amazon review by purplelizzy

What is in this book?

There is space to record key information for yourself or a research subject, and 62 direct ancestors. The double page spreads are arranged as family groups. For each couple the marriage or union is on the left, and the children of that union on the right zh private tax herunterladen. There is space provided to add further notes of your choice, such as addresses or military history.

What’s new in the 2nd edition?

  • A more ‘mature’ look.
  • Narrower line spacing with more space to write details.
  • A double page ahnentafel index to fill in at the beginning.
  • New fields for alternative names minions kostenlos downloaden.
  • New fields for marriages and unions.
  • New fields for cremations and location of ashes.
  • Improved data field titles with more flexible interpretation, e.g ‘partner’ instead of ‘bride’ and ‘groom’, ‘ceremony’ instead of ‘baptism’.
  • Sub-headings showing ahnentafel numbers for ‘parent of’, ‘son of’, and ‘daughter of’ the above.
  • New checkboxes, including Censuses to 1921, and the 1939 Register discord herunterladen pc.
  • Wider gutter margin to make it easier to write near the spine.
  • The paper weight – I am moving over to Amazon Print which offers a better paper weight (up from 74gsm to 90gsm).

What hasn’t changed?

  • The size – it is still A4 so you can see a whole family at a glance.
  • The price – it is still £5.99 pivot.

This book is…

  • A workbook to fill in.
  • A clear, concise, and portable record of your family history research progress.
  • An index, or table of contents, to summarise your current knowledge.
  • Valuable for all family historians, from beginner to advanced.
  • Useful to highlight gaps, and shape your priorities as you undertake further research download manuscripts for free.

This book is NOT…

  • A family history tutorial or starter pack.
  • A replacement for genealogy software, websites, or detailed sheets and templates.

Ahnentafel Numbers

Each person has an ahnentafel number. You are the root person – number 1. Your parents are numbers 2 and 3, and your grandparents are numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 herunterladen. Ahnentafel numbers are a great way to file, tag, and organise all your family history documents and photographs. There is an ahnentafel index at the beginning of the book. You can add your ancestors’ names to the index, to help you to navigate to a particular ancestor.

Check Boxes

At the foot of each page there are check boxes for key evidence you have obtained herunterladen.

  • A civil birth certificate, and a church birth or naming record.
  • A civil marriage certificate, and a church marriage record.
  • A civil death certificate, and a burial or cremation record.
  • Any available census or register returns, including the 1921 Census (2020 editon only) and 1939 Register.
  • Proof of relationship established via a DNA match instagram profilbilder downloaden.

These checkboxes are designed to reflect typical documents available in England.

Use a Pencil

I recommend that you use pencil when you fill in the record book. You can ink over your findings when you have conclusive documentary proof.

Revised Edition

The new September 2020 edition has been revised to reflect user feedback, and my experience using the book with clients. It also contains 1921 Census checkboxes.

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