Experienced Archives Assistant

I am available for archive contracts. Below are some examples of work I have undertaken:

Archive Image Metadata Assistant

Contract as an Archive Assistant at the Royal Voluntary Service Archives (2019), reviewing and entering metadata for the Archive’s digitised image collection using Adobe Lightroom. Created a logfile in Excel to report on progress. Logged found errors throughout the process. Completed metatagging of 2884 images.

Archive Digitisation Assistant

Contract as an Archive Assistant Digitisation Officer at the Royal Voluntary Service Archives. Digitised approximately 7250 narrative reports. Responsible for planning and implementing social media activity during the project. Corrected cataloguing errors throughout the process. Wrote a digitisation guide for my successor.

Archive Researcher

Contract at the Royal Voluntary Service Archives conducting archival research for a high profile national fundraising campaign. Selected archive photographs and text with strong media potential, researched copyright status, and obtained the necessary clearances for use from copyright holders. This content was published in the national press, including the Mail Online and the Guardian. Reverted to volunteer status at the end of the contract. Filmed a supporting “behind the scenes” video. Solely responsible for planning and implementing the archive’s social media activity throughout the campaign.

Archive Volunteer

Volunteer archive assistant at the Royal Voluntary Service Archives, participating in a variety of management and routine activities, including answering internal and external enquiries, responsibility for the archive’s Twitter account, where I increased follower numbers from 72 to over 1800, accessioning and appraising new material, cataloguing using CALM, and developing a database for searching legacy Access/Excel catalogues and managing loans.