Elderkin Items in the Norris Museum

The following items are held at the Norris Museum at The Broadway, St Ives, Cambridgeshire:


Date 1844-45 Index Number UMS/RLWAY/06

Notices of Intent, as for UMS/RLWAY/05 but more detailed entries xbox aufnahmenen. Names, alphabetical: a) Austin to Wroughton; b) Pierson to Rowe; c) Norris, Nichols; d) Loweth to Measures (?); e) George to Hooper; f) Elderkin, Ellis, Elderton; g) Ashton to Bullen; h) Ashton to Veasey (David, banker at Huntingdon) herunterladen.


Date 1822 (ii) Index Number UMS/MOLES/17

Declaration of trust as to the sum of £5200, secured on mortgage of an estate in Molesworth, advanced to Philip Hustwait by William Blott of Leighton, John Tebbutt of Oundle, William Elderkin of Keystone and William Day of St Neots kalender 2019 downloaden word.


Date 1845 (iii) Index Number UMS/RLWAY/10

Notice of Intent for the parish of Keyston: to John Spencer Esq., owners Jane Clitherow and William Elderkin amazon prime videos downloaden pc.

Date 1845 (v) Index Number UMS/RLWAY/12

List of those who signed the petition against the Rugby and Huntingdon Railway, undated, but presumably c wie kann ich musik herunterladen kostenlos. 1845. Names include Spencer, Elderkin, Ladds and others.

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