Elderkin GRO births in England

This list is a work in progress. Registrations in the GRO Online Index are listed alphabetically by mother’s maiden name and ordered within each section by date. Gender is written as (M) or (F). The date is written as 1837/3 to represent a registration in the third quarter of 1837.


The following births are presumed illegitimate as a mother’s maiden name is not listed in the GRO index, but this interpretation should be treated with a little caution until sight of a registration document proves the matter.

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1847/4 Oundle (illegitimate)

Catherine Emma Elderkin (F) 1856/1 Oundle (illegitimate)

John Thomas Elderkin (M) 1858/1 Oundle (illegitimate)

Mary Elderkin (F) 1860/3 Oundle (illegitimate)

John Free Elderkin (M) 1861/1 St George Southwark (illegitimate)

Eliza Waller Elderkin (F) 1862/4 Bedford (illegitimate)

Annie Bruce (FMP) Brice (GRO) Elderkin (F) 1864/2 Oundle (illegitimate)

Mary Elizabeth Elderkin 1864/2 Oundle (illegitimate)

Jesse Elderkin (F) 1867/4 Oundle (illegitimate) (Volume 03B Page 186)

Jesse Elderkin (M) 1867/4 Oundle (illegitimate) (Volume 03B Page 187)

James Elderkin (M) 1868/1 Peterborough (illegitimate)

Adelaide Elderkin (F) 1869/3 Oundle (illegitimate)

Joseph Bowman Elderkin (M) 1869/4 Oundle (illegitimate)

Ernest Victor Elderkin (M) 1872/4 Oundle (illegitimate)

George Elderkin (M) 1876/3 Islington (illegitimate)

Annie Elderkin (F) 1872/2 Huntingdon (illegitimate)

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1872/1 Peterborough (illegitimate)

Annie Elderkin (F) 1874/2 Islington (illegitimate)

Martha Elderkin (F) 1875/1 Huntingdon (illegitimate)

Ernest Dyson Elderkin (M) 1879/2 Islington (illegitimate)

John Elderkin (M) 1879/3 Huntingdon (illegitimate)

Alice Elderkin (F) 1877/4 Huntingdon (illegitimate)

Mother’s Maiden Name Abbot/Abbott

Emma Elderkin (F) 1842/3 Huntingdon Union (Abbott)

Elizabeth Thomas Elderkin (F) 1844/4 Huntingdon Union (Abbott)

William Elderkin (M) 1847/1 Huntingdon (Abbot)

Ealoner (Eleanor?) Elderkin (F?) 1850/1 Huntingdon (Abbott) – twin?

Sarah Elderkin (F) 1850/1, Huntingdon (Abbott) – twin?

John Elderkin (M) 1852/4 Huntingdon (Abbott)

Mother’s Maiden Name Askham

Hannah Elderkin (F), 1840/1 Oundle (Askham)

Edward Elderkin (M), 1845 Oundle (Askham)

Mother’s Maiden Name Aycough/Ayscough

Annie Susanna Elderkin (F) 1870/3 Leicester (Aycough)

Albert Elderkin (M) 1875/2 King’s Norton (Ayscough)

William Ayscough Elderkin 1872/3 Leicester (Ayscough)

Mary Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1873/4 King’s Norton (Ayscough)

Mother’s Maiden Name Ayres

George Elderkin (M) 1877/4 Huntingdon (Ayres) – twin?

Priscilla Elderkin (F) 1877/4 Huntingdon (Ayres) – twin?

Mother’s Maiden Name Banyard

Lydia Ann Elderkin (F) 1866/1 St Luke Chelsea (Banyard)

Ellen Louisa Elderkin (F) 1867/2 Downham (Banyard)

Thomas Edward Elderkin (M) 1869/3 Saint George Hanover Square (Banyard)

Mother’s Maiden Name Barratt/Barrett

Elkanah Elderkin (M), 1837/4 Huntingdon Union (Barratt)

Sylvia Elderkin (F), 1838/4 Oundle (Barrett (sic))

Mary Elderkin (F) 1840/1 Oundle (Barratt)

Charles Elderkin (M), 1840/2 Huntingdon Union (listed as Barrate in the GRO database, but probably Barratt)

Sarah Elderkin (F) 1842/4 Oundle (Barratt)

Henry Elderkin (M) 1844/4 Oundle (Barratt)

Ann Elderkin (F) 1847/2 Oundle (Barratt)

Hellen Elderkin (F) 1849/4 Oundle (Barratt)

James Elderkin (M) 1852/1 Oundle (Barratt)

Thomas Elderkin (M) 1854/3 Stamford Union, Lincolnshire (Barrett)

Stephen Elderkin 1855/3 Oundle (Barratt)

Jane Elderkin 1860/3 Oundle (listed as Barrat in the GRO database, but probably Barratt)

Mother’s Maiden Name Bates

Emma Elderkin (F), 1837/3, Oundle (Bates)

Mother’s Maiden Name Bellamy

James, Elderkin (M), 1840/1 Huntingdon Union (Bellamy)

Mother’s Maiden Name Bullamore

Henry Elderkin (M) 1848/2 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

Mary Elderkin (F) 1850/3 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

John Elderkin (M) 1851/4 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1853/4 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

Susan Elderkin (F) 1855/4 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

Eleanor Maria Elderkin (F) 1861/4 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

Mary Elderkin (F) 1858/4 Whittlesey (Bullamore)

Mother’s Maiden Name Burton

Ebenezer Elderkin (M), 1845/4 Whittlesey (Burton)

Edwin Burton Elderkin (M) 1847/1 Whittlesey (Burton)

Anna Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1848/2 Whittlesey (Burton)

Benjamin Elderkin (M) 1850/1 Whittlesey (Burton)

John Thomas Elderkin (M) 1851/3 Whittlesey (Burton)

Henry Elderkin (M) 1853/1 Whittlesey (Burton)

Henry Elderkin (M) 1855/2 Whittlesey (Burton)

James Elderkin (M) 1858/1 Whittlesey (Burton)

Frederick William Elderkin (M) 1859/3 Whittlesey (Burton)

Mother’s Maiden Name Chandler

James Elderkin (M), 1838/2 Huntingdon Union (Chandler)

Mary Elderkin (F) 1840/1 Huntingdon Union (Chandler)

William Elderkin (M) 1843/2 Huntingdon (Chandler)

Mother’s Maiden Name Clark

Alice Louisa Elderkin (F) 1867/1 Lambeth (Clark)

Sarah Flowers Elderkin (F) 1870/2 Lambeth (Clark)

Mother’s Maiden Name Coate

Robert Elderkin 1858/1 Wincanton (Coate)

Mother’s Maiden Name Coles

Etey Louisa Elderkin (F) 1873/3 Peterborough (Coles)

Catharine Elderkin (F) 1875/4 Peterborough (Coles)

John Henry Elderkin (M) 1880/2 Peterborough (Cole, sic, probably Coles, requires baptism or birth registration document to confirm)

Emily Gertrude Elderkin (F) 1881/4 Peterborough (Coles)

Florence Elderkin (F) 1878/1 Peterborough (Coles)

Mother’s Maiden Name Coley

William John Elderkin (M), 1838/1 Bedford Union (Coley)

Frederick Benjamin Elderkin (M), 1839/3 Bedford Union (Coley)

Frederick Elderkin (M), 1845/1 Bedford Union (Coley)

Emma Elderkin (F) 1846/3 Bedford Union (Coley)

(Unnamed) Elderkin (M) 1848/1 Bedford (Coley)

Eliza Jane Elderkin (F) 1849/4 Bedford (Coley)

Margaret Jane Elderkin (F) 1852/3 Bedford (Coley)

Mother’s Maiden Name Court

Matilda Elderkin (F) 1853/2 Frome (Court)

John Elderkin (M) 1860/3 Wincanton (Court)

Samuel Elderkin (M) 1862/4 Wincanton (Court)

Rosalina Elderkin (F) 1865/2 Wincanton (Court)

Mother’s Maiden Name Dyson

Margaret Ann Elderkin (F) 1848/4 City of London (Dyson)

Willian Thomas Elderkin (M) 1850/2 The Islington District (Dyson)

Eleanor Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1852/2 The Islington District (Dyson)

Mary Elizabeth Elderkin 1854/1 The Islington District (Dyson)

William Elderkin (M) 1856/1 The Islington District (Dyson)

Henry Thomas Elderkin (M) 1858/4 Islington (Dyson)

James Elderkin (M) 1863/4 Islington (Dyson)

Mother’s Maiden Name Elmont

Isaac Elderkin (M), 1842/2 Huntingdon Union (Elmont) – twin?

Rebecca Elderkin (F) 1842/2 Huntingdon Union (Elmont) – twin?

Mother’s Maiden Name Flowers

Emma Elderkin (F), 1839/1 Saint Saviours Union (Flowers)

Lucy Elderkin (F), 1841/4 Saint Saviours Union (Flowers)

Mary Flowers Elderkin (F) 1846/1 Lambeth (Flowers)

Mother’s Maiden Name Franks

Alice Elizabeth Elderkin (F), 1863/3 Bedford (Franks)

Mother’s Maiden Name George

Thomas Elderkin (M) 1880/2 Thrapston, Northamptonshire (George)

Lydia Mary Elderkin (F) 1881/2 Thrapston, Northamptonshire (George)

Mother’s Maiden Name Harrison

William Frederic Elderkin (M) 1855/1 Bourn (Harrison)

Harrison Elderkin (M) 1857/3 Bourn (Harrison)

Ellen Elderkin (F) 1868/4 Lincoln (Harrison)

Emma Florence Elderkin (F) 1870/2 Lincoln (Harrison)

Mother’s Maiden Name Hewett

George Charles Elderkin 1868/2 Mile End Old Town (Hewett)

Margarets (Sic) Emma Elderkin (F) 1867/1 London City (Hewett)

Mother’s Maiden Name Hills

Amy Elderkin (F) 1850/3 Huntingdon (Hills)

John Elderkin (M) 1853/2 Huntingdon (Hills)

Mary Ann Elderkin 1856/2 Huntingdon (Hills)

Mother’s Maiden Name Hopkins

Edward Elderkin (M), 1837/3 Whittlesey (Hopkins)

Richardson Elderkin (M), 1841/4 Whittlesey (Hopkins)

Mother’s Maiden Name Howard

William Howard Elderkin (M) 1867/4 Huntingdon (Howard)

Adelaide Elderkin (F) 1870/3 Huntingdon (Howard)

John Thomas Elderkin (M) 1873/1 Huntingdon (Howard)

Jonathan Ernest Elderkin (M) 1874/1 Huntingdon (Howard)

James Elderkin (M) 1875/3 Huntingdon (Howard)

Laura Elderkin (F) 1880/2 Huntingdon (Howard)

Mother’s Maiden Name Howell

George William Elderkin (M) 1868/2 Huntingdon (Howell)

Mary Ann Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1880/4 Huntingdon (Howell)

Mother’s Maiden Name Hughes

Harriot Elderkin (F), 1838/2 Bury Union Lancashire (Hughes)

Sarah Ann Elderkin (F), 1846/2 Bury Union Lancashire (Hughes)

Mother’s Maiden Name Iliffe

Charles Iliffe Elderkin (M) 1848/1 Hardingstone Union (Iliffe)

Joseph Willford Elderkin 1850/2 Hardingstone Union (recorded in the GRO transcription as Pliffe, but sure to be Iliffe)

Phoebe Boote Elderkin (M) 1852/2 Hardingstone Union (Iliffe)

John Iliff Elderkin (M) 1855/3 Hardingstone Union (Iliff)

Mother’s Maiden Name Ireson (see also Iveson)

Mary Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1870/1 Oundle (Ireson)

Sylvia Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1876/2 Tetbury (Ireson)

Margaret Jane Elderkin (F) 1878/2 Tetbury (Ireson)

Mother’s Maiden Name Iveson/Jveson (see also Ireson)

Annie Elderkin (F) 1867/4 Oundle (Iveson)

William Henry Elderkin (M) 1871/3 Oundle (Jveson, sic)

William Henry Elderkin (M) 1873/1 Oundle (Iveson)

Mother’s Maiden Name Johnson

John Elderkin (M) 1867/4 Whittlesey (Johnson)

Ernest Frederic Elderkin (M) 1870/2 North Witchford (Johnson)

Wesley Elderkin (M) 1872/2 North Witchford (Johnson)

Kate Agnetta Elderkin (F) 1875/3 North Witchford (Johnson)

Mary Jane Elderkin (F) 1877/3 North Witchford (Johnson)

Mother’s Maiden Name Jones

Margaret Winifred Elderkin (F) 1875/4 Islington (Jones)

Mary Ellen Elderkin (F) 1880/3 Islington (Jones)

Mother’s Maiden Name Kencally (see also Kennelly)

Elvina Alice Elderkin (F) 1877/4 Whittlesey (Kencally)

Mother’s Maiden Name Kennelly (see also Kencally)

John Henry Elderkin 1879/3 Whittlesey (Kennelly)

Mother’s Maiden Name Knighton

Kate Ellen Elderkin (F) 1875/4 Thrapston, Northamptonshire (Knighton)

Mother’s Maiden Name Longland

Herbert Isaac Elderkin (M) 1876/4 Cambridge (Longland)

Robert Elderkin (M) 1872/2 Huntingdon (Longland)

William Elderkin (M) 1873/3 Cambridge (Longland)

Frances Mary Elderkin (F) 1875/1 Cambridge (Longland)

Percy Thomas Elderkin (M) 1878/3 Cambridge (Longland)

Rebecca Elderkin (F) 1879/4 Cambridge (Longland)

Mother’s Maiden Name Maddison

Ann Wesley Elderkin (F) 1865/1 Peterborough (Maddison)

Mother’s Maiden Name Mallerson

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1849/1 Whittlesey (Mallerson)

Susannah Elderkin (F) 1850/3 Whittlesey (Mallerson)

Jabez Elderkin (M) 1857/2 Whittlesey (Mallerson)

Edith Emily Elderkin 1870/2 Peterborough (Mallerson)

Mother’s Maiden Name Mays

Sarah Elderkin (F), 1838/3, Oundle (Mays)

William Elderkin (M), 1841/1 Oundle (Mays)

Emma Elderkin (F) 1846/1 Oundle (Mays)

Ellen Rebecca Elderkin (F) 1852/2 Oundle (Mays)

Harriet Elderkin (F) 1856/1 Oundle (Mays)

Isabella Elderkin (F) 1856/1 Oundle (Mays)

Mother’s Maiden Name Mayes

Emma Elderkin (F) 1844/1 Oundle (Mayes)

Mother’s Maiden Name Mee

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1843/2 East Retford Union (Mee)

Thomas Elderkin (M) 1844/4 East Retford Union (Mee)

Harriett Elderkin (F) 1846/3 East Retford Union (Mee)

Sarah Elderkin (F) 1849/3 East Retford Union (Mee)

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1852/1 East Retford Union (Mee)

John Elderkin (M) 1853/4 East Retford Union (Mee)

Mary Ann Harriett Elderkin (F) 1855/4 East Retford Union (Mee)

Mother’s Maiden Name Melton

Thomas William Elderkin (M) 1858/4 Oundle (Melton)

Thomas William Elderkin (M) 1861/3 Oundle (Melton)

Emma Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1863/1 Oundle (Melton)

Harriett Jane Elderkin (F) 1865/2 Oundle (Melton)

Clara Ellen Elderkin (F) 1867/2 Kensington (Melton)

Sarah Elderkin (F) 1869/4 Kensington (Melton)

Daniel Elderkin (M) 1872/1 Kensington (Melton)

Edith Mary Elderkin (F) 1873/4 Kensington (Melton)

Mother’s Maiden Name Milton

Edward Elderkin (M) 1857/3 Oundle (Milton)

Alfred William Elderkin (M) 1875/4 Kensington (Milton)

Mother’s Maiden Name Munns/Muns

Matilda Elderkin (F) 1849/3 St Ives, Huntingdonshire (Munns)

Phebe Elderkin (F) 1851/1 Huntingdon (Muns)

Sarah Elderkin (F) 1853/2 St Ives, Huntingdonshire (Munns)

Susan Ann Elderkin (F) 1855/4 St Ives, Huntingdonshire (Munns)

Mother’s Maiden Name Nassan/Nassau

Benjamin Ernest Elderkin (M) 1872/3 Dewsbury (Nassau)

Bertram Elderkin (M) 1874/3 Dewsbury (Nassan)

Alfred Leopold Elderkin (M) 1876/2 Teesdale (Nassan)

Vincent Nassan Elderkin (M) 1878/2 St George Hanover Square (Nassan)

Mother’s Maiden Name Parion

Adolphus Oswald Elderkin (M) 1884/3 West Ham (Parion)

Mother’s Maiden Name Parish/Parrish

John Charles Elderkin (M) 1869/3 West Ham (Parrish)

William Edward Elderkin (M) 1870/3 Chertsey (Parrish)

Alice Susannah Elderkin 1872/4 West Ham Union (Parish)

Louisa Sarah Elderkin (F) 1875/1 West Ham Union (Parish)

Edward Elderkin (M) 1877/1 West Ham Union (Parrish)

Sarah Elderkin (F) 1879/4 West Ham Union (Parrish)

Mother’s Maiden Name Patrick

Alexander Elderkin (M) 1854/3 Kettering (Patrick)

Mother’s Maiden Name Pol…

Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1843/2 Peterborough (May be the Elizabeth in the index recorded in the GRO index as ‘Pol…’ and if so this is the Elizabeth who is missing from the index whose mmn is Rimes)

Mother’s Maiden Name Ray

Elizabeth Elderkin (F), 1840/2, Huntingdon Union (Ray)

Thomas Elderkin (M) 1846/4 Huntingdon Union (Ray)

James Elderkin (M) 1849/4 Huntingdon (Ray)

Mary Ann Elderkin (F) 1852/3 Huntingdon (Ray)

James Elderkin (M) 1854/2 Huntingdon (Ray)

Louisa Elderkin 1856/3 Huntingdon (Ray)

Elizabeth Elderkin 1860/1 Huntingdon (Ray)

Mother’s Maiden Name Reines

Thomas Elderkin (M) 1850/1 Peterborough (Reines)

Mother’s Maiden Name Riley

Linda Elderkin (F) 1875/2 Huntingdon (Riley)

Mary Ann Elderkin (F) 1876/3 Huntingdon (Riley)

James Elderkin (M) 1877/2 Huntingdon (Riley)

Ellen Elderkin (F) 1879/2 Huntingdon (Riley)

Mother’s Maiden Name Rimes/Rhimes (see also Pol…)

William Elderkin (M) 1838/2, Peterborough (Rhimes)

George Elderkin (M) 1840/1 Peterborough Union (Rhimes)

Henry Elderkin (M) 1841/4 Peterborough Union (Rhimes)

James Elderkin (M) 1845/1 Peterborough (Rhimes)

Rachael Elderkin (F) 1847/1 Peterborough (Rimes)

Mother’s Maiden Name Riseley (see also Risley)

John Thomas Elderkin (M) 1861/1 Bedford (Riseley)

Sarah Jane Elderkin 1862/2 Bedford (Riseley)

Mary Ann Rosina Elderkin (F) 1864/1 Woburn Union (Riseley)

Susan Elderkin 1865/2 Northampton Union (Riseley)

Annie Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1867/3 Northampton (Riseley)

Emily Elderkin 1873/2 Northampton Union (Riseley)

Harry Elderkin 1870/3 Northampton Union (Riseley) (recorded in GRO index as ‘…ley’)

Mother’s Maiden Name Risley (see also Riseley)

William Richard Elderkin (M) 1859/4 Northampton Union (Risley)

Mother’s Maiden Name Rogers

John Elderkin (M) 1859/3 Guisbrough (Rogers)

William Elderkin (M) 1860/4 Guisbrough (Rogers)

Ann Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1862/1 Guisbrough (Rogers)

George Elderkin (M) 1864/3 Guisborough (Rogers) – twin?

William Elderkin (M) 1864/3 Guisborough (Rogers) – twin?

George Elderkin (M) 1865/4 Guisborough (Rogers) – twin?

William Elderkin (M) 1865/4 Guisbrough (Rogers) – twin?

George William Elderkin (M) 1868/1 Peterborough (Rogers)

Mother’s Maiden Name Scultharp/Sculthorp/Sculthorpe

Harriet Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1859/2 Oundle (Sculthorpe)

Edward Daniel Elderkin (M) 1862/2 Oundle (Sculthorpe)

William Elderkin (M) 1863/3 Oundle (Sculthorpe)

Ellen Maria Elderkin (F) 1866/2 Oundle (Sculthorpe)

John Elderkin (M) 1868/4 Oundle (Sculthorp)

Sarah Jane Elderkin (F) 1871/2 Oundle (Sculthorpe)

Georgina Elderkin (F) 1874/1 Oundle (Scultharpe)

Mother’s Maiden Name Sharp/Sharpe

Jane Elderkin (F), 1840/2 Huntingdon Union (Sharpe)

Harriett Elderkin (F) 1843/1 Huntingdon Union (Sharpe)

Louisa Elderkin (F) 1848/4 Huntingdon Union (Sharp)

Mother’s Maiden Name Small

Lydia Florence Elderkin (F) 1879/3 Holborn (Small)

Maud Sarah Elderkin (F) 1881/2 Islington (Small)

Mother’s Maiden Name Southwell

Frederick Thomas Elderkin (M) 1877/3 Whittlesey (Southwell)

Mother’s Maiden Name Speechby

Arthur Edwin Elderkin 1870/3 Whittlesey (Speechby)

Mother’s Maiden Name Speechly

Ada Mary Elderkin (F) 1873/4 Whittlesey (Speechly)

Annie Louise Elderkin (F) 1872/1 Whittlesey (Speechly)

Florence Harrowing Elderkin (F) 1876/3 Whittlesey (Speechly)

Kate Lydia Elderkin (F) 1878/4 Whittlesey (Speechly)

Henry Speechly Elderkin (M) 1881/1 Whittlesey (Speechly)

Mother’s Maiden Name Stone

Clara Elderkin (F) 1878/4 Islington (Stone)

Florence Elderkin (F) 1880/1 Islington (Stone)

Mother’s Maiden Name Storey

Charles William Elderkin 1864/4 Peterborough (Storey)

Anne Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1867/2 Peterborough (Storey)

Clara Elderkin (F) 1870/3 Peterborough (Storey)

George Henry Elderkin (M) 1872/3 Peterborough (Storey)

Herbert Elderkin (M) 1875/3 Peterborough (Storey)

Maggie Elderkin (F) 1877/4 Peterborough (Storey)

Mother’s Maiden Name Sullivan

Harry Elderkin (M), 1840/1 Kensington Union (Sullivan)

Mother’s Maiden Name Warner

Jane Elderkin (F) 1872/2 Huntingdon (Warner)

George William Elderkin (M) 1874/4 Wakefield Union (Warner)

Louisa Elderkin (F) 1877/1 Wakefield Union (Warner)

Ada Elderkin (F) 1880/2 Doncaster (Warner)

Mother’s Maiden Name Watson

Eleanor Mary Ann Elderkin 1860/2 Marylebone (Watson)

Mother’s Maiden Name Watts

Susannah Elderkin 1866/3 Peterborough (Watts)

Mother’s Maiden Name White

James Elderkin (M) 1843/2 Bethnal Green (White)

Henry William White Elderkin (M) 1853/4 The Islington District (White) – twin?

Thomas John Jesse Elderkin 1853/4 The Islington District (White) – twin?

Mother’s Maiden Name Whitehead

William Whitehead Elderkin (M) 1877/4 Hardingstone (Whitehead)

Annie Elderkin (F) 1878/4 Hardingstone (Whitehead)

Ethel Elderkin (F) 1881/2 Chester (Whitehead)

Mother’s Maiden Name Whiteman

William Thomas Elderkin (M) 1844/3 Thrapston (Whiteman)

Ann Sophia Elderkin (F) 1846/3 Thrapston (Whiteman)

Lydia Elderkin (F) 1847/4 Thrapston (Whiteman)

William Elderkin (M) 1849/2 Thrapston (Whiteman)

Thomas Elderkin (M) 1851/3 Thrapston (Whiteman)

Mother’s Maiden Name Whyman (see also Wyman)

Edward Charles Elderkin (M) 1859/3 Oundle (Whyman)

Clara Jane Elderkin 1867/1 Kensington (Whyman)

Walter Elderkin (M) 1874/1 Lambeth (Whyman)

Kate Elderkin (F) 1872/1 Kensington (indexed by GRO as Hensington) (Whyman)

Mother’s Maiden Name Winkley

John Gilbert Elderkin (M), 1839/2 Spalding Union (Winkley)

Adolphus Oswald Elderkin (M), 1842/1 Spalding Union (Winkley)

Mother’s Maiden Name Wood

Hannah Elderkin (F) 1860/1 Guisbrough (Wood)

George Elderkin (M) 1862/2 Leigh (Wood)

George Elderkin (M) 1864/3 Leigh (Wood)

Eliza Elderkin (F) 1868/4 Chesterfield, Derby (Wood)

Jane Elderkin (F) 1871/3 Huddersfield (Wood)

Charles Elderkin (M) 1874/4 Huddersfield (Wood)

Alfred Elderkin (M) 1879/3 Northleach (Wood)

William Frederic Elderkin (M) 1881/2 Lincoln (Wood)

Emily Florence Elderkin (F) 1879/1 Lincoln (Wood)

Mother’s Maiden Name Wyman (see also Whyman)

Susan Elizabeth Elderkin (F) 1860/4 Hardingstone (Wyman)

Frederick Charles Elderkin (M) 1865/2 Kensington (Wyman)

Edward Francis Elderkin (M) 1870/2 Kensington (Wyman)

Lucy Ann Elderkin (F) 1868/4 Kensington (Wyman)


James John Elderkin 1882 Huntingdon

Mary Eliza Elderkin 1882 Huntingdon

Tom Elderkin 1882 Huntingdon

William Walter Elderkin 1882 Thrapston, Northamptonshire

William Elderkin 1884 Huntingdon

Edith Elderkin 1884 Peterborough

George Whiteman Elderkin 1884 Thrapston, Northamptonshire

George Ernest Elderkin 1885 Huntingdon

Katharine Maud Elderkin 1885 Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Elderkin Mary Ann 1886 Oundle

Elderkin Nelly 1886 Peterborough

Elderkin Frederick 1887 Huntingdon

Matthew Elderkin 1887 Huntingdon

Annie Elderkin 1887 Oundle

John Victor Elderkin 1887 Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Ann Elderkin 1889 Huntingdon

Ernest William Elderkin 1889 Peterborough

Winifred George Elderkin 1889 Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Priscilla Elderkin 1890 Huntingdon

Gertrude Elderkin 1890 Oundle

Cecil Elderkin 1892 Peterborough

James Leslie Elderkin 1892 Peterborough

Samuel Elderkin 1892 Peterborough

William Elderkin 1892 Oundle

Agnes Elderkin 1893 Huntingdon

Esme Beatrice Elderkin 1893 Peterborough

Amy Jane Elderkin 1894 Peterborough

Ann Louisa Elderkin 1895 Peterborough

Ethel Elderkin 1895 Peterborough

Robert Richards Elderkin 1895 Oundle

Olive Kathleen Elderkin 1896 Peterborough

John James Elderkin 1897 Peterborough

Lilian Victoria Elderkin 1897 Peterborough

Rose May Elderkin 1897 Oundle

Elena Mary Elderkin 1898 Peterborough

Cassandra Mons Elderkin 1899 Peterborough

Eleanor Elizabeth Elderkin 1899 Peterborough

George Elderkin 1901 Peterborough

Minnie Elizabeth Elderkin 1901 Peterborough

Arthur Elderkin 1902 Peterborough

Elderkin Thomas 1902 Peterborough

Elderkin Violet Adelaide 1902 Oundle

Elderkin Mary Gladys 1904 Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Elderkin Charles 1907 Oundle

Elderkin Ethel 1907 Peterborough

Elderkin Ivy Eleanor 1908 Huntingdon

Elderkin Thomas 1909 Peterborough

Elderkin Frederick C W 1910 St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

Elderkin George W 1910 Huntingdon

Elderkin Ernest Henry 1910 Oundle

Elderkin Gladys 1913 Peterborough

Elderkin Sidney M 1916 Huntingdon

Elderkin Sidney M 1916 Huntingdon

Elderkin Doris K 1916 Peterborough

Elderkin Florence E 1917 Huntingdon

Elderkin Ronald W G 1917 Oundle

Elderkin Elsie M 1918 Huntingdon

Found in FMP but not found in GRO database

Mary Ann Elderkin (F) 1838, Huntingdon

Alfred Elderkin (M) 1843 Huntingdon

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