Elderkin Allegations and Bonds in Huntingdon


Here are the relevant entries in the Index of Allegations and Bonds for the Issue of Marriage Licenses in the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon 1662-1883 (via Cambridgeshire Libraries Local Studies resources) old app versions android.

1716 William [Hipwell or Elderkin] of Wood Walton and Elizabeth Marten of Molesworth B

1738 Henry Gell of Kimbolton and Mary Elderkin of Kimbolton B

1768 Benjamin Elderkin of Upton and Sarah Battey of Brampton A&B

1769 Benjamin Elderkin of Brampton and Ann Marshall of Huntingdon A&B

1773 Thomas Wakelin of Buckworth and Mary Elderkin of Buckworth A&B

1775 Austin Eaton of Tichmarsh and Martha Elderkin of Keyston A&B

1800 William Marsh of Great Staughton and Elizabeth Elderkin of Kimbolton A&B

1806 Francis Baker of Bythorne and Elizabeth Elderkin of Keyston A&B

1806 Benjamin Wyman of Little Stukeley and Mary Elderkin of Spaldwick A&B

1810 Thomas B Freeman of Ringstead North and Mary Elderkin of Keyston A&B

1811 William Prior of Hilton and Mary Elderkin of Denton A&B

1840 Stephen Whiteman of Coppingford and Hannah Elderkin of Keyston A

1850 Thomas Spencer of Godmanchester and Emma Elderkin of St Ives A

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