Curly, Royal Corps of Signals

Here’s a photo rehoming challenge. All I know about this man is that he was known as Curly, he served in the Royal Corps of Signals, and he spent some time as a patient at the Royal Masonic Hospital in 1945, where my mother nursed him little drummer boy noten for free. He had seven copies of this photo made, and he gave this one, the original, to my mother.

I’m pretty good at WW1 badges, patches and insignia, but I’m a not very good with WW2, so if you can help to identify any details from this photo which will lead us to Curly’s identity, that would be fantastic von youtube musik herunterladen funktioniert nicht. I am hoping to present the photograph to the Royal Signals Museum.

David Underdown suggests that the patch looks like it might be the badge of the City of London (St George’s Cross with a sword in the upper left canton) garmin connect appen. Does this help?

Curly, a patient at the Royal Masonic Hospital in 1945, nursed by my mother Margaret Whitehead.

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