Casting Agreement

3. The casting of background, audience or group extras by the Casting Director shall be agreed upon between the parties and attached to Appendix “A”. During the order, the status of all artists depends on the specific contract with the production company. Nothing in this agreement makes artists in any way collaborators of The Casting Collective. The Casting Collective acts as an agency for artists. 2. CAPACITY/SERVICES: the worker provides all services usually provided by persons employed as casting directors in the film industry. The Employee`s Services are exclusive at all times to the Manufacturer during the “Term” of this Agreement, as defined below. The producer has the right to call on other casting directors. If a reservation is cancelled after 17:30 the day before an order, the cancellation fee of the base price is charged. It is important that work practices are maintained at all times. Failure to comply with health and safety rules is a key incurable breach of this agreement.

Relevant health and safety information must be communicated to the artist in accordance with the Employment Act 1973. No contract can continue without The Casting Collective obtaining an email agreement from the production company with the completed billing data. All work is paid under the corresponding agreement, either BBC/Equity, ITV/Equity, PACT/Equity or FAA/PACT…