Alma Webb, Nurse in WW2

Alma Webb served as a nurse during WW2 all photos from icloud at once. My mother Margaret Whitehead served with her as a VAD in Abbotabad, India from 1945 to 1946. My mother described her in a letter: “She has auburn hair, dark eyebrows, is only 5 ft 2 ins, and a real outdoor type friends serie herunterladen. She has never disclosed her age, but must be nearing her forties, which surprises me as she is so energetic.” My mother also mentioned that she had a brother herunterladen. She had a friend at Knockholt, Kent, which suggests that she was fron the south east. She went on to serve at the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar in Gosport.

April 1948 Alma at RNH Haslar
April 1948 Alma at RNH Haslar

I am still working through a long list of unmarried Alma Webbs. Once I’ve exhausted these I will have to consider whether she was a widow. The Alma Webbs I still have to investigate are:

  • Alma Marland Webb b. Stockport 1901
  • Alma Florence Annie Webb, b. Greenwich 1905 (although this seemed the most likely her family feel certain that this is not the same Alma)
  • Alma Whitehead Webb, b. Manchester 1905. My mother never mentioned Alma’s middle name. This Alma was a nurse throughout her life and even lived in Hampshire at one point. However, she does not appear to have had a brother.
  • Alma Edith Webb b. Kensington 1906
  • Alma Webb, b. Prescot 1911

My mother wrote a great deal about Alma in her letters to my father and it would be lovely to share this information with family members.

Can you help me to identify her?


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