1938 – An Accident on a Whaler

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ST ABBS MAN’S ACCIDENT ON WHALER. News has been received from South Georgia, of an unfortunate accident to St Abbs man, Mr Jacob Nisbet, 2 Castle Terrace, who is employed aboard a whaling ship herunterladen. While the carcase of a whale was being towed behind the whaler, a wire hawser snapped and Mr Nisbet was struck a block and received a broken leg. The break, a compound fracture, caused the unfortunate man much suffering as he was being conveyed across the ice to the hospital ship herunterladen. Mr Nisbet and two other Abbs lads, Mr Will Dickson and Mr Sandy Crowe, are expected home from South Georgia at the end of May.

Berwickshire News and General Advertiser, Tuesday 12 April 1938

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