1891 – The Britannia and The Bear

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At an early hour on Sunday morning the steamer Britannia, of Leith, and the Bear, of Grangemouth, collided off St Abbs Head android games for free. The latter vessel was run into amidships and sank in a few minutes, carrying her crew of fourteen men with her. A boat was launched from the Britannia, and two men were picked up download dark waters. The Britannia, which had a full complement of passengers on board for Newcastle, was seriously damaged. The mate of the ill-fated steamer Bear is Mr Muir, a native of Orkney, who was not, however, on board at the time of the accident, being home on leave of absence icloud downloaden op laptop. His brother-in-law, Mr John Honrie, of Middlesbro’, captain of the vessel, was drowned, along with other eleven seamen.

Orkney Herald, and Weekly Advertiser and Gazette for the Orkney & Zetland Islands – Wednesday 14 January 1891
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