1819 – The wreck of the Ocean

The Ocean, master Captain Brebner, of Stonehaven, sailed from Sunderland, County Durham, on 14th November 1819 with coals for Aberdeen herunterladen. On 16th November she foundered in the North Sea off St Abbs Head, with the loss of all hands.

The schooner Ocean, Brebner, Stonehaven, which sailed from Sunderland the 14th inst Download snowrunner for free. coal loaded, for Aberdeen, has not since been heard of, and it is much feared was lost, with all on board, in a hard gale of wind from E.N.E Free games download minecraft. on the 16th, to the southward of St Abb’s Head. The ship’s boat, part of her bulwarks, some spars, and other articles, were about that time cast ashore near Eyemouth zula herunterladen. Of the crew consisting of five persons, two or three had families, particularly the Master, who leaves a widow and eight children in very poor circumstances ipad dropbox dateien herunterladen.

Inverness Courier, Thursday 02 December 1819

The wreck was also reported in the Tyne Mercury, the Marine List Lloyd’s List (5445) 7th December 1819, and in Marine Intelligence, The Newcastle Courant (7469), 4 December 1819, but with no additional news.

2 thoughts on “1819 – The wreck of the Ocean

  1. Whats your connection to St Abbs? In the 80s and 90s I regularly visited St Abbs to go diving loved the place. I suspect it has changed a lot since then.

    I came here because of your canalside property tweets.

  2. My stepdaughter and her family live nearby, and we have fallen in love with St Abbs when visiting her. We hope to live there permanently one day soon.

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