1782 – the Caprice

Pell Greenhow and Martin Brown

The sloop Annies, of Ely, in Fifeshire, James Morrison, Master, from Hamburgh for Leith with yarn and other goods, captured the 17th of July off St Abbs Head, by Le Caprice privateer of Dunkirk, George Fernald commander, was retaken and brought into Yarmouth Friday last, by the Rose pilot boat, and seven men, from Lowestoft. And on Monday were committed to Norwich Castle by John Reynolds Esq, Mayor of Yarmouth, and Commissioner of Oyer and Terminer for the jurisdiction of the High Court of Admiralty of England, Pell Greenhow, the prize-master, and Martin Brown, another of the said privateer’s crew, charged with treason and piracy, committed by them upon the High Seas by adhering to the King’s enemies, (they being natural-born subjects of his Majesty), and taking and making prize of divers of the ships, vessels, and merchandise of his Majesty’s subjects, particularly of the said sloop Annies.

Norfolk Chronicle, Saturday 03 August 1782


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