Research your WW1 Ancestors

I specialise in WW1 research and I love to help families to identify soldier ancestors, and find out what happened to them. I am also happy to work on larger projects such as researching villages or war memorials. If you have something in mind, please contact me to discuss your project.

You can see examples of my soldier research at Wootton Bassett in the Great War. Some clients want to identify any WW1 service history in their family, others research a particular known soldier.

For an individual subject, I normally begin a consultation by discussing your requirements. Next I collect known information, including names, medals, dates, locations, facts, memories, and rumours. I will build a sketch family tree to give context to the research and identify family members and relationships.

Next I move onto the research. If you would like to find out more about the process, please take a look at this blog page. This stage involves detailed, painstaking research, and can sometimes progress slowly. I will usually discuss progress with you several times during this phase. It may be necessary to purchase service records, or to visit archives in person. We can set a budget for expenses in advance, or I can check back with you to authorise expenses on an ad hoc basis.

Finally I produce a full report on the soldier, his family, his service history, and if applicable, the circumstances surrounding his death.

The budget for a typical soldier research project ranges from about £350 to £500, at a rate of £20 per hour.